What our customer's have to say:


Your 'Inspire Tea' inspires me! It inspires me to get out of bed in the morning, to perk up my afternoon, and to help settle me into the evening as each day draws to an end. The blend has a magical deep mint that is fresh and stimulating. It is also reassuring. It's my pick of the day!
Paula - Toronto, ON

I have been very happy with my tea from Still Water Tea!  I love my Maccha. The flavor is very good, and it whisks in well (no sludge at the bottom of my cup!).  I have also enjoyed all the other kinds I have tried: Mango Tango (nice fruity black tea, which I can still add cream to!); Rooibos Pear (great for late afternoon); Chocolate Mint (nice and smooth).  I look forward to trying more kinds!
Kathryn - Victoria, BC

A comfy couch,a mug of Vanilla Jazz tea and a good book is all you need to put a contented smile on your face.....a drop of orange brandy in the tea puts it right over the top.
Vaughan - Victoria, BC